Susan Body I would like to thank you for the excellent service you have provided to my mother. This just goes to show that yours is not just a business but “caring people caring for people” just like your slogan states.  You have assigned the perfect aid to my mother, who I feel is extremely qualified in her duties as caring for an elderly patient.  We consider her part of the family. After my mother’s surgery, I was extremely concerned about what to do, I could not leave her home alone with no one to care for her, and then a friend informed me about your services and how pleased she was with the care her father was receiving.  I contacted you and immediately you responded with a home visit, and the very next day you provided us with a sweetheart of an aide. Your company has been so professional and yet caring during this trying time for my family, I could not have done it without Marisol’s Home Caregiver Services.  Your dedication to your clients is extraordinary and I would love to take this opportunity to let you know how much we appreciate all you have done for my mother and my family. I can now feel confident that she is in good hands and being taken care of while I am at work. 

LauraI would like to thank you for your outstanding service you have provided me in taking care of my mother and sister for the past year.  I know it wasn’t easy caring for my mother when she was going through her worst time.  Your staff not only was very compassionate, they were always on time and very professional. I don’t know what I would have done without them. You always managed to get me additional help when I needed it that day.  This is something I will never forget. You saved me from insanity!! If ever the time comes and I need help again, I know I can count on you. Thank you and everyone who helped me. 

Dr. Karen R. Stubaus, Ph.D. I just wanted to express to you once more my huge appreciation for all you and the wonderful home health aides you have sent have done for the quality of life in my house.  As you well know, I started using your service this past winter, in February, after my disabled sister Sharon Hoverman returned from a long visit to our other sister and I noted with shock that she had declined considerably while away. While I have been trying to care for her on my own, I reached the point where I was no longer able to.  In addition, my attempts to do so had left me exhausted, irritable, and not fit to be around! I was no good to Sharon, and no good to the rest of my family.  I had seen ads for Marisol’s in the Crit and a publication of the Metuchen Chamber of Commerce. I visited the website, and found it very warm and comforting, so I made the call, and reached Bonnie!  That was the beginning of my salvation! We now have two regular aides who come to care for Sharon, and an occasional third person.  My 96 year old mother has met both Marilyn (who comes on weekends) and Elena (who comes during the week), and loves them both as much as I do. They have become part of the family,  they are very warm and caring towards Sharon, and in short, have saved my life as well.  I really was at the end of my rope. Marisol’s has given me my life back, for which I am eternally grateful!!! Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart.Sincerely, 


In an internet driven world, customer service and personal touch is as rare as a unicorn sighting! Marisol’s Home Caregiver Services is the exception to the rule.  Your compassion and competence played a key role in hand picking the perfect home

aide for my dad.  Your people not only know what they are doing, but they love what they are doing.  My family means everything to me and I will tell all of my friends and clients about your service and the integrity, respect, and dignity you show your clients and employees.  Thank you Bonnie, your fees are beyond fair and your service tells me there are unicorns in the world.  My dad loves Ana, and I love Marisol’s Home Caregiver Services

Candy Flippen 10/10/2011 16:54
I just love Marisol's Home Care. I feel confident that my mother is well cared for. I have peace of mind as I go off to work everyday that she is in good hands. I would recommend this caregiver service to anyone who is skeptical about using an agency. Our aide is part of our family. Thanks Marisol's.

​Joyce Kopidakis 11/11/2008 10:41

I have been so thrilled with Marisol's Caregiver Services. My mom's caregiver was leaving for her country and gave me one week's notice... mercifully, I met Bonnie, and she assured me she would do her best to find someone for 24/7 care for my mother. Although the first person did not work out, Bonnie and Marisol went above and beyond the call of duty to find three other women who shared the responsibility... they have come to love my mother and the feeling is very mutual. I went to visit just last week and was so moved to find out that all three were together to take my mother out to lunch and shopping. They are more than caregivers... they are deeply caring human beings and I feel blessed to have been introduced to them all by Bonnie and Marisol. My mother (who was not doing well at all prior to her meeting these ladies), has literally gotten a new lease on life... she has never been better medically, and it's so nice to finally see a sincere smile on her face. Thank you!!! -Joyce Kopidakis